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Name:Stephanie Yakovovna Barnes | Brown Recluse
created for [community profile] nextgenerationmarvel.

Character Name: Brown Recluse
Physical Description: brown hair, green eyes
Age: physically 14, chronologically 55
DOB: September 5, 1957

Relatives: Natasha Romanoff (mother), Bucky Barnes (father)

Abilities: hand to hand fighting, gun fighting, inherited supersoldier serum
Weaknesses and Flaws: awkward around people when not on a mission or without implanted memories, tries to cover that with bravado

Backstory: The Russian branch of Hydra decided they wanted to see if Natasha's and the Winter Soldier's versions of the serum could be passed on genetically. The child was created via IVF and carried by a surrogate. They trained her as an assassin from birth.

When she was five, her keepers noticed she hit harder and moved faster than a child her age should. They began experimenting with implanting memories in her as well as removing them without damaging and keeping her brain from fully maturing.

She was assigned her first mission shortly after she turned 6. She handled it flawlessly, appearing like a normal child until the time came to take out her target. The success led Hydra to experiment with cryofreezing her. The longer they had access to a child operative, the more they could accomplish unnoticed. She has had a mission every year or two since then, some of them involving year long deep cover.
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